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  5. "Ви хочете мити посуд?"

"Ви хочете мити посуд?"

Translation:Do you want to wash the dishes?

May 23, 2015



Wouldn't this mean "do you want to wash the dishes?" and the English would be... хто миє пасуд? - my best guess...? This one really confused me, I made a typo so I knew it would come up wrong, but that translation just doesn't seem to go with the Ukrainian at all unless I've badly misunderstood something.

I did send a report, I just was after some more clarification because this one really threw me!


The translation is definitely wrong here, your guess is right. (but it has to be пОсуд, not пАсуд)


Phew! I thought I was losing the plot there!

Hah, yes, I think that was me thinking in Russian and reducing the O to an A and then typing it how I was saying it. Which is a complicated error LOL :D


Ha! Ha! I did the same thing once too!. Wrote пива when it should have been written as пиво (beer). Was thinking in Russian.


I would love nothing more, my darling wife!

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