"He puts his coat on."

Translation:Cuireann sé a chóta air.

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What is wrong with ' cuireann sé air a chóta' ? Since when did it become a rule that the prepositional pronouns had to come at the end of sentences?

3 years ago

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The general rule is that indirect objects come after direct objects, and prepositional pronouns are typically indirect objects. One exception to this rule is when a prepositional pronoun is formed from a preposition of a phrasal verb; in this sentence, cuir ar is a phrasal verb (as English “put on” is), so your suggestion of cuireann sé air a chóta is correct, and the translation above is incorrect. Please report it as an error when opportunity allows for you.

3 years ago


scilling says that Cuireann sé air a chóta is the correct answer and that cuireann sé a chóta air is incorrect.

1 month ago
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