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"Iskremen er foran i butikken."

Translation:The ice cream is in the front of the shop.

May 23, 2015



What is the i here for?


Something wrong with one of the sentences here. The correct translation to english would be: "The ice cream is in the front of the shop." or something like that. Both sentences sound kind of bad. Edit I might be a little wrong here, feel free to correct me.


This is correct. I'll be replacing the sentence with something else. :)


Iskremen er foran i butikken = The ice cream is at the front of the store. Iskremen er foran butikken = The ice cream is in front of the store.

Agreed, the current pairing in the DL exercise is incorrect! :)


Because the ice cream is in the front of the inside of the shop, not the building.

Definitely an ambiguous(wrong?) english sentence though. Should remove the i of the norwegian sentence or change the english sentence so it says the front instead.

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