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Reasons to learn Norwegian:)

Norwegian course is already released in beta yaaaaaaaaay!. Since it's in beta already I would like to know what are some reasons to learn this language I already knew some reasons by the way. I love Norwegian language it sounds beautiful and quite close to English which make me love it even more. I did a search on Google about why learn Norwegian and found some pretty interesting answer despite the number of speakers which is only 5 million according to Wikipedia. I also found some reasons why not to learn Norwegian such as the lack of resources, lots of dialects and most of them are very hard to understand, Bokmal and Nynorsk are just written languages that never being spoken and most Norwegians speak exceptional English, but I believe if you want to learn it just go with it. So I would like to know if you learn Norwegian why you learn it and if some people don't learn it why they maybe should consider to learn it. I would love to see some interesting answers.

May 23, 2015



My reasons? I love Norwegian films! And by learning Norwegian I got Swedish sort of for free, and I love so many Swedish bands now it's ridiculous. A Scandinavian language made this whole new world accessible! And of course you can read Danish too with Norwegian, and it gives you a head start in German and Dutch!

Plus yes, it sounds beautiful :) And it's not thaaat difficult to learn especially when you have an English (or other Germanic language) background, so you get the benefits of having a second language under your belt significantly quicker than if you were trying to learn say Japanese...

And I am certain that once you have conquered the Norwegian tree here, studying bokmål writing and Oslo dialect, picking up and understanding nynorsk and the many regional accents will not be at all as daunting as you are imagining now :)


Sounds great, what are some Norwegian films that you love?


Norwegian is basically Danish spoken through a Swedish accent. It provides the perfect buffer between the three languages. Learning Norwegian allows you to understand about 80% of Swedish and almost 90% of Danish.


svartmetall !!!! \m/


For me, it's about mutual respect! I've always heard that if you intend to converse with someone who is a native speaker of another language for more than just a brief period, it's respectful to put in a good attempt at their language. My best friend of two years is Norwegian and only now do I have a resource that works well with me that I can use to learn it. I'm super glad; this has been on my to-do list forever.

Thanks to the Norwegian team for letting me finally attempt to chat with my friend in her own language (despite the fact that she has a better grasp on my own native English than I do! xD )


Awesome! That's very respectable!


There is a huge list of reasons to learn Norwegian on this webpage.


It's similar to Swedish, I know someone who speaks Norwegian, it's Germanic (I'm learning German and Swedish), it opens me up to the culture and the music, and I like to learn.


That a language is "easy" is actually an unattractive feature to me...

My favourite reason to learn Norwegian is that I am thinking about working/living there for a few years (or forever). I also like the sound of the language, and find the words to be especially "cute", like "storfekjött", "skildpadde" etc

I've found Norwegians to be relatively friendly, their institutions are very good, the wages high and they have a genuine need for immigrants (and know it, too, unlike Germans or Swiss, no offense...).


We use Øø, not Õõ. And there is no d in skilpadde/skjelpadde


My reason for learning Norwegian? Because of my Vietnamese fiancée!

Wait, wut?

My lovely finacée is Vietnamese and I've used the "reverse course" (English for Vietnamese speakers) on Duolingo to learn basic Vietnamese. Her sister is married to a Norwegian and for that reason I was keeping an eye on the development both the Norwegian for English Speakers course and the Vietnamese for English Speakers course. It seems the Norwegians won the race against their Vietnamese colleagues.

So basically I'm still waiting for the Vietnamese course to hatch and I thought, what the hell, might as well learn Norwegian while I'm waiting. It'll be my 8th language...

Dutch: Native

French: Near native

English: Near native

German: Fluent

Esperanto: Passable

Spanish: Basic

Vietnamese: Basic

Norwegian: Working on it! :D


Wow, you know so many languages and I'm also waiting for Vietnamese as well actually. I'm really interested to see the structure of it. Good luck with your Norwegian :)


You can already get going by doing the "reverse course" (English for Vietnamese speakers). That's what I did and it was hard - but very useful. :)


dont worry about dialects, we norwegians dont even know it either, if i where to travel to another part of my country i wont understand them either, most people will switch to bokmål if they dont understand the dialect, i believe this is one of the reasons why norwegians understand swedish and danish better than the swedish/danish understand norwegian

i find it hard to read nynorsk and am native norwegian

one fun thing about the norwegian is that

baker en kake bakes a kake

i dag today

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