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The only problem with the Ukrainian course...

...is mixing keyboards:

May 23, 2015



Its even worse when you forget the keyboard is on, close duolingo, go to a different site and then try to make a forum post or whatever. lol oops!


Yes, I've found that my email and social media contacts really appreciate my Roman letters. :)


Bwahahahahaha, I do that all. the. time. Not just Cyrillic/Latin, but other Latin alphabet language/English mix ups make for some really strange posts.


いぇあh、I はてうぇんてゃてゃっぺんえす!

Црщщзыб цкщтп лунищфквю.

Ah, there we go, finally got my keyboard right.


‘Yeah, I hate when tyatyappennesu’? :Þ


איק גשןךט דארועעךקד םכ ש ךשמעושעק ךקשרמקר!

Ok, this is getting ridiculous XD


Has anyone tried timed practice in Ukrainian? :D


... not that brave!


Yes, with the letter levels. I don't dare try anything more advanced... yet. ;)


If you have the keyboard memorized, go for it. if not, will be a train wreck!


Not a chance!


Yes, it's so fun trying to switch as quick as you can


I use Google Input Tools. It is a browser extension. To type in English after, I have to change it back.


Tip: To change faster, just CTRL + G


Hey, thanks! Highly recommended.


Haha, you get used to it. It is a constant headache for everyone who uses Cyrillic alphabet.


i tried using the windows on screen keyboard but the system is broken for some reason... the language on the on screen keyboard doesnt always change when i switch the OS language and i have to close it and start it again... im slowly getting used to the position of the letters but its still a hastle and very time consuming


Is it an existing keyboard layout in Windows or did you download/create it?


Welcome to our daily lives)) Ukrainian, Russian, English (+ I started to learn Polish, so) it's so annoying


I just have open another tab at Google Translate, put up the Ukrainian keyboard, and copy and paste. And to others' consternation (yes, I've read the warnings) I utilize the English keyboard for the characters that are available. I'm also using the Cyrillic handwriting system and keeping a notebook, writing the Ukrainian sentences down. It's a bit awkward switching back and forth between the tabs, but I like it better than downloading, switching my entire keyboard over, etc.


If you have a mac you can toggle between keyboards just by pressing cmd + space. You need to go to System prefs - keyboards - input sources to add the Ukrainian keyboard then, still in keyboards - shortcuts - input sources to make sure the short cut is available.


I wish I would've known about this earlier, preferably before I switched over my mac to Hebrew and can't understand most things in settings.......

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It's the same with Windows once you download and install the Ukrainian keyboard (except instead of cmd + space it's the Window's key. Pairing that with the on-screen keyboard make they whole changing alphabet business much, much easier!


oh yeah, i get it


It is pretty annoying to have to switch keyboards every few questions, but I'm getting used to typing on the Ukrainian keyboard more quickly than I thought I would. I do keep a picture of the Ukrainian keyboard layout open on another tab in case I forget where one of the letters is. Another alternative would be having the Ukrainian keyboard on-screen like accented characters are with other languages (just a thought but probably really far-fetched).


It would be really hard to put all 33 (32 without ґ) letters into the available space, not saying the fact that it would be much slower to use them, when you have to click on every individual character comparing to typing (to be honest I hate situations when I have to get my hands away from keyboard to touch pad to enter accented characters - recently found a way to get around this). This problem of mixing layouts exists not only for language learners - can't say how many times I wrote something in the URL field of the browser and then discovered that I didn't switch the layout and already pressed enter :( Now I know both layouts so well, that I almost never have to look at the keyboard (or at least do it very rarely), so it becomes less of a problem.


Yeah, I guess it would be pretty difficult to put all of those characters on the screen. It was just an idea though :)


I knew I wasn't the only one that struggled with that.


Yeah.... so annoying! XD


Happens all the time lol.

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