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"Смачний бутерброд, смачна капуста, смачне сало, смачні овочі."

Translation:Tasty sandwich, tasty cabbage, tasty salo, tasty vegetables.

May 23, 2015



What is the difference between 'сало' and 'смалець', linguistically? For English speakers, I think 'смалець' brings to mind 'lard' (used in cooking) while 'сало' brings to mind the stuff you eat. Could it be correct to simply transliterate and call it 'salo' in English? It's a pretty unique dish, after all. I don't know of anyone who actually eats lard....


I already send a report with the word salo :)

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is is missing one tasty


Сало перекладається як salo тільки у цьому прикладі чи приймається також в інших завданнях курсу?


Why can't I translate "сало" as "bacon"?


bacon: a lot of meat, a little of fat. Salo: a lot of fat, maybe a little of meat


We've always used the word 'овочі' for 'fruit' for decades - over a century in Ukrainian in Canada. 'Ярина' was/is the word we use for 'vegetables'. I can see that there is some confusion amongst our terminology. The older Ukrainian-speakers will understand that - you would like some 'fruit'('овочі') instead of 'vegetables'. This should be clarified, and both fruits & vegetables should be specific to avoid problems. In my family, we still use 'овочі' to ask for 'fruit',& 'ярина' for 'veggies'.


Не розумію як допогти українскому курсу, але він такий, що з ним дуже тяжко. Виходжу з нього :/


With my poor Spanish ears I cannot tell any difference in pronunciation between смачний and смачне. Do they sound different in Ukrainian? Thanks!

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