Good news!

I am proud to say that the next language on Duolingo will be Chinese. If you will go on, you will see that they are trying to hire a Chinese master. Are any of you a Chinese native?

December 26, 2012

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I also think they might be working on an android app at some point in the future...


Do you know an estimated date for when Japanese will be ready for beta?

They already are. They were hiring through Twitter. Do you work on Duolingo? What's your job?
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Yeah, I work at duo. My comment was meant to be a joke. :)
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I am physical security at Duolingo Galactic HQ, among other things.

I can't wait! I know some Chinese people who are like family to me and I have tried and failed a few times to learn Mandarin. I do hope the course they are working on is Mandarin.

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