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"Це картопля, але вона не любить картоплю."

Translation:These are potatoes, but she does not like potatoes.

May 23, 2015



Excuse me but, it would be great if a slower audio option could become available. Thanks in advance!


Why would the answer be "she does not like potatoes" if the ending for картоплю is the accusative singular?


Some nouns are "mass nouns". Similarly to how in English you say "I like rice", "I like bread", not "I like rices/breads", "картопля" is a mass noun in Ukranian.

(and in Russain картошка is also a mass noun)

(bonus to those who know German)


now i feel silly given that i've studied russian and should have known that. thanks for the reminder!


Why not бараболя???

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