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English learning Norwegian Android Fail - careful picking options in "unsupported language" dialog.

Awesome that Bokmål is in beta - thanks so much!

Be careful when trying to launch Android app. On my device (Nexus 6, T-Mobile) I get an "unsupported language" pop-up after switching to English -> Bokmål.

I picked one of the first options to get past that screen (it's modal) to see if I could look at settings or something.


I got to learn a little Dutch as in Dutch -> English while I had to get on the web and figure out how to switch my language back to English -> Anything so I coul read the settings and fix my account. The Android app, of course is now trying to get me to switch languages, so I'll have to wait a bit it sounds like (sill in beta, but awesome so far).

EDIT: Updated after I found out that Bokmål is supported by my device at the system level, it's just that the English -> Norwegian is still in beta.

May 23, 2015



Yeah, the first option of that pop-up is English from Dutch. You need to scroll a little bit down to get to the "[...] from English" options.

The Norwegian course will probably appear on the Android app within the next weeks, like the other courses did. You can also use the mobile version of Duolingo in a browser on your phone, it works as well and it already has Norwegian (I didn't try it, but I read that somewhere).


Thanks - very helpful options/solutions!

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