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Site unusable with satellite internet?

I have satellite internet. It is currently the only means for me to have internet where I live. Whenever I try to do the basic Spanish lesson I never get credit or access to the next lessons. I've take the lesson DOZENS of times. Now in my own research here on the site, I find other people with a problem like mine who inevitably get asked what seems to be a stock question: "Do you use a proxy or other nonstandard internet such as satellite?" All these discussions end at that point.

So does anyone know why it's impossible to use the site with "nonstandard" internet? Because every other website I've ever used it with operates just fine. Is there a workaround? Is it a bug? Does anyone in charge of the website even care? I'm quite frustrated because I would really like to use this website to brush up on my Spanish, but as it stands it looks like I'll have DSL out here in the sticks before I can use this site.

September 27, 2013



No idea what to do but you should probably move this to troubleshooting where maybe one of the experts/moderators can help you :)

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