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"Whose woods these are I think I know."

Translation:Чиї це ліси, я думаю, я знаю.

May 23, 2015



Wow, what a strange sentence, to be honest


This sounds like it's taken from a Robert Frost poem or something. But to be grammatically correct in English, the sentence should read "I think I know whose woods these are".


In fact, it is Robert Frost- from "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening". As in other languages, you can say things in poems that aren't really correct when speaking or writing. Kudos to the team for finding this sentence and using it! My friend and I worked some time on a handbook of Ukr'n verb prefixes for speakers of English and dug through many many news web sites as well as literature galore looking for examples for our prefixed verbs. A huge job (and one we couldn't complete because of time constraints).


I didn't know that. I just thought that sentence like this may be confusing for learners


It would be very confusing. In fact, I think for the purpose of this site, it needs to be changed. But simply rewording it as I did in my first comment makes it absolutely correct.


yep 4 years later its still confusing - Sure I take the point about different forms being OK in poems but why throw a random line of poetry into a lesson at a beginners level that has nothing to do with poetry? counter productive.


As a learner of ukrainian language, I can confirm that this sentence is confusing.

However, I'm just gonna leave it aside, knowing that it's maybe a poetic specialty.


The translation "Чиї це ліси, я думаю, я знаю" is marked correct for this sentence. If directly translating to Russian, it makes no sense to me, specifically the ability to use це instead of ці. Is this one of the differences between Russian and Ukrainian?


You can do the same in Russian, compare чьи это леса vs чьи эти леса. Both are correct, but one seems more natural than the other.


In English "woods" is grammatically plural but has the same meaning as "forest" (singular). The correct Ukrainian translation should be the singular "lis" not plural "lisy".

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