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  5. "My answer is no."

"My answer is no."

Translation:Benim cevabım hayır.

May 23, 2015



Would 'benim cevabım yok' mean the same thing, or does that mean i dont have an answer?


benim cevabım yok=i dont have an answer


in before step of this step! the translate of "i don't have an answer" was= benim cavabim hayir ! and here the same Sentence have an other translate! is "My answer is no" = "i dont have an answer" in English ???


Nope, "I don't have an answer" is "benim cevabim yok." :)


got it! I was just confused :)))


Why does the word answer have the first-person singular suffix instead of the third-person singular?


Cevap is a noun. Here, it is the subject of the sentence. -Im is a possessive suffix indicating whose answer it is (in this case, 'my answer,' so it's first person). The benim is optional and used for emphasis--the key indicator of possession gets attached to the noun being possessed. This is a "to be" sentence (although the verb to be is not stated in Turkish), so the rest of the sentence, the word hayır, is giving the identity of the subject. Hope that's all clear!


i used the correct sound ''j '' instead of c for cevabim and it marks me wrong. 'jevab' means answer. not 'cewab' in any means


In Turkish, the letter "c" makes the same sound as the English letter "j."

The letter "j" makes the same sound as the English "s" in "pleasure.

"Jevab" is not a word in Turkish :)


It sounds like cevab'u'm, why? Thx.


Where cevabi and cevabim is use??

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