"Кінь - це тварина."

Translation:A horse is an animal.

May 23, 2015

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What is the function of це in this sentence? Would "Кінь - тварина" also mean "A horse is an animal"?


Yup, «Кінь — тварина» is the same.

«Це» in Ukranian ( «это» in Russian) is typical for definition-like sentences of A is a B structure, whether objective ("A field is a quantity that has a value defined in each point in space and time ") or metahporical ("Hope is life").


Wait, I wrote 'A horse is an animal' and it corrected 'A horse IT'S an animal'. This is simply wrong, isn't it?


It was the opposite for me: I chose "A horse It's an animal" from the tiles, and was told that the correct answer is "A horse is an animal" :-((

What if someone asked me, "What is a horse?", and I'd reply, "A horse? It's an animal." Would that be "Кінь - це тварина" in Ukrainian, or do you have a different format for that type of repetition-and-answer?


Is the "-" always written?


The rule is not very obvious. If the word "це" is missing than the dash is required. But if predicate is nominative noun than dash is also required. But this rule is complicated and often is broken

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