"Who is here?"

Translation:Хто тут?

May 23, 2015

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Does this have the same meaning as "who is there?" (Хто там?) in Ukrainian?


I'd say, "Хто там?" is super common, like when somebody is knocking at your door, and "Хто тут?" is when you are coming back to your bed after riding the fridge at midnight and the room is dark and scary and suddenly you feel some movement... But then it becomes "Хто тут??!!"


"Хто там" must be a more common question because why would you ask about who is here right next to you xD


I've been typing in the Latin transliterations up until now, but it didn't accept "Xto tut". It's a bit inconvenient for me to put in the Cyrillic text, since I would have to use a converter or memorize the Ukrainian keyboard layout. So...what did I transliterate wrong here?


In English transliteration, the Ukrainian "ХТО" ("who") would be spelled as "Khto". The Ukrainian "x" sound is pronounced as "kh", as in "хата" ("khata").

To simplify things, I would suggest you go to the Google 'Play Store', type in 'Ukrainian Keyboard', choose & install a high-starred Ukrainian keyboard app. Then you can type in Ukrainian.

It's not as difficult as you think. (Just make sure you choose 'Ukrainian' not 'Russian' as both are different languages and have different letters.)


Perhaps try "Hto tut", since H is the letter that matches Cyrillic Х in pronunciation.


Actually, "Хто тут?" should be translittererad to "Khto tut?" because the letter "Х/х" closest equivalent is "kh", why I do not know. ☺


I think it is surprising because this is the first time you learn that "tut" after "Khto" is a legit option.


My keyboard do not have the ukraine letters

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