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Just wondering who achieved the 300 days-streak or more.

Anyone? I admire those who can keep studying language for quite a long while!

September 27, 2013



I'll probably get there. I've got a baby on the way and I think that will most likely break my streak, but he's not coming for another six months, and if things work out, I'll break 300 before that happens.


Haha, get your priorities together! Baby or Duolingo? C'mon! jk :-p


Nice, that's determination. I hope that you can stack up those lingot freezes when you go into labor. :D


Wow, that's amazing! Every language you've done you are level 25!?!


I'll probably get there too. There's always room for Duolingo every single day. I just wish Duolingo offered Polish as well.


I'm totally planning to get a solid streak for as long as I can, which will be well over 300 days because I can do Duolingo every single day--unless I go on a vacation travel. :-( I know I only have a 3-day streak, but I just started Duolingo 3 days ago. However... note my levels. :-)

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