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  5. "Männen har gula byxor."

"Männen har gula byxor."

Translation:The men have yellow pants.

May 23, 2015



It's almost impossible for me to hear that she says "männen" and not "mannen" in this sentence.


As a swede I would say it sounds perfectly fine. (were you trying to find out if there was an issue with the recording?)


No. But I think the pronunciation could be clearer. If you're a native speaker, of course you hear what you expect to hear. I'm too new to the language to have those expectations.

Sometimes I use grammar to make the correct choice when it sounds like it could be two different things - usually only one is grammatically correct. In this case, that doesn't work, since either would be grammatically correct (I believe). Since, to my ear, the recording is indistinct, I have nothing else to guide my choice.


Your ears will get more accustomed to the Swedish sounds with practice. I agree with ninariikonen that the Voice is actually very good here.


Sounds like /mennen/ not /mannen/ to me.


Yup, männen sounds a lot like /mennen/ (exactly how the ä sounds varies a bit among different speakers) and very different from mannen which is the singular definite. Don't forget that a and ä are totally different letters in Swedish.


You might just not quite as able to pick out "ä" -i am also swedish-


Your last name sounds strikingly Finnish


Italian native speaker here. I am very bad at listening but I can assure You that I got used to hear the difference about "männen" and "mannen", so You can do it too. Just keep practicing, the speaker is alright.


Inte before I think...


You really should accept trousers as well as pants


Do they have only one pair between them?


That does not seem very likely, no. :)


I ask because there are words in Swedish for a pair of trousers and for several pairs of trousers. I wanted to understand how Swedish handles what in English is ambiguous: "trousers" on its own could be one or several pairs.


My mother language is spanish and for me is very difficult understand the difference betwen gul, gula and gult. The voice is clear. Please, help.


gul for en words, gult for ett words, gula for plural


I wrote "Mannen har gula byxor" and ti was marked as right, which I think it shouldn't be, since "Mannen" would mean "the man", right? Can someone please fix this?


It's an unfortunate byproduct of Duolingo considering åäö the same as aao as far as the typo system is concerned. So it's not that the wrong answer is accepted, but rather that the correction system thinks you entered something you didn't.


I lost some of my hearing from my left ear so I sometimes find it difficult to hear the pronunciation of some words. Can I ask is Jag pronounced Jor? Thank you.


It took me some time to sort that out! It's 'Yor', (but without the 'r' sound) since the j sounds like the y in 'your' rather than j in 'jam'. Hope that helps a bit


Thank you for reply, that helps a lot.


In English English, we use the word trousers not pants .....the programme should allow for this variation in language use.


We do allow both options.


But the program marked it as wrong.


I did check that we accept them both, actually. So either you had another error or the programme had a bug. Do you remember the full phrase you put?


Thank you ....and, sorry, it was so many sentences ago, I cannot remember. It it happens again, I shall post what I wrote and what tge answer was.


this seems to come up frequently - that there is no way to tell by the spoken sentence IF the subject, men/man is plural or singular. perhaps in time we will learn to be able to differentiate?


Why is " trousers" wrong? Same thing as pants....?


agreed! trousers and pants - some words that have more than 1 meaning are very confusing.

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