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  5. "Де дім?"

"Де дім?"

Translation:Where is the house?

May 23, 2015



Is "дім" pronounced more with a "j" sound than a "d" sound? Or am I just hearing it wrong?


That's how palatalized D sounds. By the way, in Ukranian D and T are pronounced closer to your teeth than in English.


Yep, as Shady_arc said, we consider it still to be the same letter, d, but the sound it produces influenced by the "i" after it is palatalized, a little softer. When you say the hard d (as in да до ду де ди) you touch your teeth with the tip of your tongue (you can even make it stick out a bit as in "th" for an exaggerated effect), and for the soft d (as in ді дя дє дю дь) you press your tongue against the roof of your mouth.


Its like you say the light is dim thats how you say дiм


when do we use 'і' instead of 'а' .... While both means same in ukrainian which is "and"


This is explained in this FAQ.

[deactivated user]

    The first Д is pronounced like D but the second д is pronounced like G??


    Does Ae aim Makes sense in Ukrainian? Because it didn't make sense in English. Can anyone explain this please...


    Yes, it makes sense in Ukrainian. Ukrainian does not have any type of article, and the verb "to be" is not usually translated in Ukrainian.

    Where is the house?

    Where? (translated)

    Is - (a conjugated form of the verb "to be") (not translated)

    The - definite article (not translated)

    House - (translated)


    It asks to type in Ukrainian, but I don't have a cyrillic keyboard.


    You can


    Why "THE house"?


    Both variants is applied. "Дім" is "a house" or "the house" as a building and is "Home" as my home. It dependents on the context.


    House is "будинок". "Дім" is home. We say so in Ukraine

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