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Добрий and добре

Hi guys, first of all thank you very much to all of the Ukranian team for all the hard work that you have put in and keep putting into the course.

I wanted to clear up a doubt I've got between the uses and meanings of these 2 words.

From my own research: Добрий - good добре - well

is this correct?

May 23, 2015



With the caveat that I'm a fellow learner: I think добре is both the adverb (well) and the neuter form of the adjective (good), which might be why there's confusion/doubt?

Hopefully someone with more knowledge can corroborate and clarify, and I don't know why your post got downvoted :-/


Exactly, добре is both the adverb (e.g. Він виконав роботу добре -- He's done the work well) and the neuter form of the adjective (добре серце -- kind/warm heart). The other forms of the adjective in nominative case are добрий and добра (добрий хлопчик, добра дівчина).

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