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"Mi madre siempre será joven."

Translation:My mother will always be young.

3 years ago



What's the root verb of 'será'?

2 years ago


Ser. To be.

1 year ago


FINALLY someone said what the heck SER actually is. Almost no one will answer that!

1 year ago

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One easy way to remember this is by remembering that "qué será, será" means "what will be, will be".

2 months ago


Why is "my mother will be young forever" unacceptable.

1 year ago

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why is bad the phrase "My mother will be always young", if Always, adverb of frequency, it places behind verb to be

3 years ago

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That word order isn't one that a native English speaker would ever use. The "be" needs to go after the "always". I cannot even think of an instance when it would be possible to reverse it.

I will always be yours

He will always be late

The door has always been brown

However, you can put "to be" in front of "always" in the present tense, and also in the past tense: She is/was always late. He is/was always with her. The door is/was always broken. They are/were always boring.

I have no idea why it is that way, maybe a grammar nut can explain it to us.

Another word order issue, if you are interested: "why is bad the phrase" - that should be "why is the/this phrase bad", or, better: Why is this phrase incorrect? / What's wrong with this phrase?

3 years ago


'forever ' and always' are the same for native English speakers so why is forever wrong?

1 year ago


Alguna manera... horripilante.

1 year ago


Why isn't it "jovena"?

11 months ago


...can someone make sense of this sentence?

9 months ago


Not literally young unless she's a vampire or Dorian Gray. Figuratively young, in the sense of having a youthful spirit.

9 months ago