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This Ukrainian stuff is "cool" !

The only problem I have, at this earliest point in time, is not knowing how to change my keyboard into one that uses the Cyrillic alphabet.

The "link" that directed me to the Microsoft windows page shows only how to do this if the people are using Windows 8. (And, support for Windows 7 has ended, already).

So, does anyone know how to do the "language and keyboard set up", within the Windows 7 operating system?

3 years ago

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  1. Start - Control panel
  2. a. If control panel is in "category" mode, click "change keyboards or other input methods" under "Clock, Language and Region".
    b. If control panel is in "icons" mode, click "Region and Language".
  3. Select "Keyboard and languages" tab.
  4. Click "Change keyboards..." button.
  5. Add, remove or reorder input languages with buttons to the right of "Installed services" list.
  6. Language change hotkey settings are in "Advanced Key Settings" tab.
3 years ago
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