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How to add Ukrainian as a language on the Duolingo app?

I've been waiting forever to start Ukrainian for English speakers and now that it's published I can't pick it on the app, just the website. I personally enjoy the app

May 23, 2015



Both Android and iOS apps become available after the course is out of beta. There is a mobile version of the course, but it's got its own bugs.. So far the desktop version is the best option.


Wait, is Ukrainian different than other incubator courses then? With other courses, beta is usually a few months, but the courses have been added to the apps part way through beta rather than waiting until they leave beta. (I think roughly a month in is normal?) Turkish for example is in beta and already available on the apps, although it was a few weeks at least before it was added.


It is usually added to the app with the next app update.


This would honestly be so much easier for me, because on my phone I can change between languages far easier than on a computer. I really hope Duo gets on it.

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