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Frustrated with the Automated Customer Support System

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I just sent feedback by clicking on "support" on the left side of my screen and got immediate reply back from the automated system that did not address my complaint/suggestion. Hoping that if I reply to the reply, and explain why/how the reply was not helpful, a live person will see it, I replied and explained what I meant. But no! I got a repeat of the same unhelpful original reply that does not understand the problem I wrote about!

I guess I'l have to post the problem in discussion forums. It is regarding no longer having the feature that allows for hearing the pronunciation of the sentences in pages being translated. While I love Duolingo, I really wish the way translating pages is done had not changed (few months ago) or more importantly, I wish one could still hear the pronunciation of the sentence being translated, the way it was originally!

September 27, 2013


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