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"The flag is green, white and orange."

Translation:Tá an brat glas, bán agus oráiste.

May 23, 2015

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From the comments on the other thread, the reverse translation of this sentence, there are at least two errors; the wrong kind of green (the one here is more specifically green things in nature), and as a more serious error, "oráiste" is the fruit, not the colour (for which flannbhuí, or just "bhuí" is used).

"Is iad an uaine, an bán, agus an flannbhuí, na dathanna. Seasann rogha na ndathanna seo don tsíocháin idir Protastúnaigh (flannbhuí) agus Caitlicigh (glas/uaine)."


I've reported it on the other one, and will do on this one now, but I post here so that others can be informed as I was (since the source appears credible, I'll assume it's correct).

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