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  5. "Nosotros dormimos."

"Nosotros dormimos."

Translation:We sleep.

December 26, 2012



I like this word dormimos...

Using word association..

I think, dorm room..

Where one would sleep in said dorm room, right?

So, it helps me remember dormimos is something about sleeping..

and then the -mos part.. reminds me..

the word has something to do with a " we " situation.

We sleep in a dorm room.. - tho not altogether a correct translation -

Dormimos en una dormitorio. ( kinda sorta.. dormitorio = bedroom lol )

You look in a mirror.

Usted mira en un espejo.

This is just MY TRICK to associate one word with a word that I'm more familiar with..

If this is confusing to you...

Don't use it. :)

BUT? Do share your own tips...

I personally when people share their own learning tools..

If it works for me too? All the better ñ_ñ !!


The "dorm" part isn't a coincidence. The English noun "dormitory" and the Spanish verb "dormir" both derive from the Latin "dormio", meaning "I sleep." And the English word "dormant" is from the same root. See also (http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/dormir#Etymology_7).


Using word association, I think: Doritos


I do this too. Recently I learned a new english word because of it. I had just learned the word disculpe (excuse), when I was watching a period drama on tv. A character said "I don't need your exculpation!". Even though I had never heard the word, given the context I noticed the similarity to disculpe and understood. I looked it up afterwards. Exculpation means to forgive or make excuses for something. Learning a new language has made me pay more attention to my own language. The English language is basically a melting pot of all the other languages anyway so the similarities aren't surprising. We used to speak Gaelic until we were invaded by Romans, French, Saxons and Vikings, then went on to invade most of the world our self. Here's a fun little video about the history of English... https://youtu.be/H3r9bOkYW9s


@priella1 - I love it. Thank you so much. I'm going with something like "Dorm with the most people in it" based on your idea. I'm really feeling the "Pluralness" of dormimos. And the "Look in the mirror" was a bonus. Lingot


could you just say dormimos, instead of nosotros dormimos? it would mean the same thing wouldn't it? because of the conjugation implying we


According to the provided conjugation, "dormimos" is used for both past and present tenses. How are we to tell what the intended meaning is?


I think context from other words in the sentences (or maybe even sentences before it). "Ayer" = "yesterday" and implies past tense for example. "Ayer nosotros dormimos" = "Yesterday we slept"/"We slept yesterday"


isn't slept? dormíamos tho? not just dormimos?? the past tense for sleep in spanish? o_O"

Idk I could be wrong.

I tried to look it up.. and just got more confused lol.. But? maybe this is helpful.



nosotros dormimos ellos duermen. am i right? THERE IS LARGE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN duermen AND dormimos SPELLINGS


In past lessons I was informed that "nosotros" is "we", and it was also suggested that you can use "we all". Is there a specific reason why I can't do so here? It doesn't seem to make sense that I'm unable to in this sentence.


Maybe you are confusing "ustedes" = "you all" = "you" with "nosotros/as"="we".


That's probably my problem. It just seemed to make sense, though, that I could use "we all" because "nosotros/as" is plural. Heck. I guess not?


Maybe. I think "all" is kind of built into "we" and is a bit redundant to to say "we all" and it sounds a bit odd to me. Though it might be perfectly okay to use. I have no memory of duolingo ever using "we all" in a translation, though they could have.


English doesn't really differentiate between exclusive and inclusive uses of "we." From what I've seen so far Spanish doesn't either, but they are distinct forms in some languages.


It shows (we) fell asleep as a definition for dormimos. So why isn't "We fell asleep" an acceptable answer? It says that I'm wrong and it should just be "We sleep".


Very helpful. I forgot it changes when "WE" is used from "duer---" I don't mind getting it wrong. This taught me something!


i could hardly remember how to spell it.


this one got me because "dormimos" was a new word to me. I know "duerme" of course.


if you hover over dormimos, it says that "we fell asleep" is correct. So I typed it in, and it marked it as wrong!! WTF??


Is the "we" form of this verb the only one to start with "dor-" and not "duer-"? (at least in present tense, which is as far as I've gotten?)

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