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I've got a ton of questions!

1) Where are the 'immersion' and 'words' sections? When will they be out? I can't wait to start doing some translations :D

2) Why do people insist on using a phonetic keyboard/use google translate to type in Ukrainian? If you (plural) want to type in Ukrainian, do what I did and just type using QWERTY. Once you get used to it, you will breeze through Cyrillic and will be able to use actually Ukrainian keyboards as well! (should also mention that using one of those google translate keyboards also doesn't help teach you how to spell in Ukrainian, either.

3) How long is Ukrainian expected to be in Beta?

Those are all of my questions/comments (#2). If you really like the anti-Ukrainian keyboard layouts, then go for it, but I think you'd be happier if you took a dive into the proverbial deep-end and started learning Ukrainian with the ЙЦУКЕН layout! :)

До пабачення!

May 24, 2015



Immersion and Words become available after a course is out of the beta stage. At this point I am not sure if we will have it. There are user scripts out there for impatient DL learners installed as plugins to your browser and they provide some extra functionality..

How long? No one can say. There are thousands of learners submitting hundreds of reports and a very small team to process them.


Where can one find these user scripts?

Thank you guys for processing all the reports!


The wiki has a bunch of the user scripts all listed here.


My course (English for Vietnamese speakers) was in Phase 3 long ago but without any difference from Beta phase. Some staffs (I forgot the names) confirmed that those two section require two much effort to maintain so they will not deliever it for newer language course, but they may in the future...


1) The Immersion section is not likely to be out in any time. Unless Duolingo staffs decide to do so in a near future. I'm not sure about Words section but from what I see from other beta courses, they have not had that section either.

3) "How long" completely depends on users and contributors. The more error reports, the more improvement contributors can make. I would estimate that the time is not less than 3 months.

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