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"Dúnfaidh mo mháthair an doras agus codlóidh don oíche."

Translation:My mother will close the door and she will sleep for the night.

May 24, 2015



don oíche = for the night, san oíche = at night?


San oíche is correct for “at night”. The future tense examples for a temporal “for” in the EID (definition 6 a) use either ar feadh or go ceann rather than do, so ar feadh na hoíche or go ceann na hoíche are likely better choices than don oíche (which seems like an English calque).


"for" expressed as a "period of time" is not "don"


"...she will sleep for the night" seems like an unusual phrase. I would say "she will go to sleep for the night."

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