"Dein Tisch ist groß."

Translation:Your table is big.

September 27, 2013

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Would "Your table is grand" not work here?


I would say no. Grand in English means admirable, magnificent, tremendous or enormous. I associate the word with something that is big and very impressive. For instance the lobby of 5 star hotel in Las Vegas is grand. But I am not a native speaker!!


I've been to Vegas many times, it's not that grand in my opinion. It's flashy, but also kind of sleazy.


haha yes but it was just an example :P could not come up with anything better. Just emphasizing that I do not view grand as exactly interchangeable with big.


Thanks for your help :) Your language levels are impressive!


"Your table is large"... Not accepted?


False it is, ignore me


"Ihr habt einen Tisch" was marked correct in the previous exercise (because Der Tisch changes to "einen" in the accusative), for this exercise, why isnt it "Deinen Tisch is groß" correct?


for this exercise, why isnt it "Deinen Tisch is groß" correct?

Because the subject of a verb is in the nominative case, not accusative.

Thus you need masculine nominative dein Tisch here.


I said , "Your table is huge", counted incorrect. Reported it.


I said , "Your table is huge", counted incorrect.

Yes, that is indeed incorrect.

The German sentence has groß (big, large) and not riesig, riesengroß (huge, enormous, gigantic).

"huge" is more than "big" -- much like how "cold" is more than "cool" or "hot" is more than "warm" or "tiny" is more than "small, little".

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