"It is mine."

Translation:Den er min.

May 24, 2015

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Why does "it" have to be "den" here?


What did you try? "Det er mitt" should be accepted.


It wasn't for me...I double checked to make sure of everything, but it said it was wrong and I should've said "Den er min."


Are you sure you didn't write "Det er min"? Because when you use det it must be mitt.


I wrote Det er mitt, for sure


Oh. I just tried it and it was accepted. I don't know what went wrong for you.


I wrote "det er min" and it is correct. Maybe "den er min" and "det er mitt" are correct, but not "det er mine"


I wrote det er min and it was wrong. Why does it have to be der er mitt or den er min?


Because the grammatical gender must be consistent. "Det" is neuter, which need the neuter form "mitt". "Den" is masculine, which needs the masculine form "min".


Im confused. So are we assuming that the person saying It is mine is a male?


The gender of the possesive pronoun isn't related to the gender of the speaker, but to the word it is related to. In this case the speaker is talking about a masculine word (e.g. "en stol"). That's why the sentence starts with "den". We have to fill in "min", because the gender has to be consistent. It might be easier to make it clear when we replace "den" with an masculine word:

Stolen er min --> den er min

The sentence could have started with "det", when the speaker was talking about e.g. a table (et bord), and then we should've filled in "mitt", because "det" is neuter.

Bordet er mitt --> det er mitt


I think, det er mitt is also good.


Why does "Den er mi" show up as a typo?


for what i understand it must be : den er min ( not : den er mi ). Because "den" is masculine which should be followed with min ( not mi = feminal )

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