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  5. "Frygten for hvad?"

"Frygten for hvad?"

Translation:The fear of what?

May 24, 2015



In English there is a distinction between a 'a fear for' and 'a fear of'. E.g. I am afraid of dragons, but I fear for the life of any of Game of Thrones' protagonists. Does this distinction exist in English? Especially because I noticed ''The fear for what?" to currently not be an accepted translation.


Either case is said with for as a preposition.
Jeg frygter for drager, men jeg har frygt for livet af alle protagonisterne i Game of Thrones.


Men betyder det at begge to oversatninger til engelsk må være korrekt?


Ja, det kunne de være. Mindst hvis "The fear for what?" er en naturlig engelsk sætning. :)


can "av" or "af" be used?


No, that doesn't make a lot of sense.
Even less so since av is an interjection, meaning "ow".

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