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Please Re-enable Sound / Pronunciation for Sentences being Translated (in documents)

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This is now an old problem which dates back to when changes were made to translating pages a few months ago. I sent feedback via "Support" link on the left side of the screen, thinking that a live person would see it, only to get a non-relevant, unhelpful, automated reply from Zendesk, misunderstanding the problem! So here I am, hoping that posting the problem here will be more effective than sending it to "Support".

The problem: while I would love to translate pages (both for Duolingo's benefit and mine), I really DISLIKE the changes that were made (few months ago) to the way translating pages are done, including the look and feel. In particular I am very disappointed that the feature to hear the pronunciation of the sentence being translated was taken away! I wish those changes would be reversed and translating pages would go back to the way it was several months ago (before the changes) or at least the feature that allows for hearing how a sentence being translated is pronounced would be re-enabled.

Zendesk misunderstands the problem, interpreting me to mean that I have a general problem with playing sound, caused by Flash/ browser/ something in my setup! I don't have a problem with sound, such as with lessons or lesson practices. I have a problem with a useful feature having been taken away as a result of changes made by Duolingo!

Otherwise, except for some glitches here and there, I love Duolingo! Thank you!

September 27, 2013



About "Zendesk". It's an automaton which, as aduite all the messages about "sound" are configuration problem, automatically send this answer when detecting a sound-related problem. And sometimes - like here for you and every one who report a pronunciation problem using the word "audio" in the description of the problem - this automaton sends this e-mail when it shouldn't.

Duolingo knows about it. So, before they correct it/make it better, I avoid to use the word "audio" when using Support button, or reply to the e-mail (if I forgot to not use "audio") to explain, to be sure that my report will not be considered as treated.


I think you misunderstand the word problem. The word problem in IT or programming terms would refer to something which needs to be solved, or a bug, or error in the program. If I understand correctly, there is no error, instead you were requesting a feature, and treating it as if it is a bug or error.

I guess the main issue here is that duolingo randomly makes changes and adds or removes features without notifying the users or displaying it somewhere.


Yes, the only problem here, IMO, is that the automaton wrongly detects false-positive "audio configuration problem" when contacting the support to report pronunciation problem.

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