"Скільки? - Чотири."

Translation:How many? - Four.

May 24, 2015

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why is 'how much' marked wrong?


In general we do not differentiate between "how much" and "how many"

E.g. "How much milk" = "Скільки молока", "How many years" = "Скільки років"

But since the answer is four it cannot possibly be how much in English, you know :) If the answer is four, the thing asked about must be countable! Therefore it's "many"


Unless it's referring to money. When asking for a price, one always says "how much?" and never "how many?".


Well, so, money is uncountable. "Four" cannot be an answer to "How much money?"

Four can be an answer only to "How many __?", insert anything countable, therefore, in this example you cannot translate "скільки" to "how much" although in general you can


Yes, "money" is uncountable, but if we're talking about what sounds natural and how English is actually used, then that doesn't matter. People regularly ask "how much" when they want to know the price of a thing and are answered X dollars, X pounds, or just a number.

My point is the English exchange "how much?" - "four" does happen (all the time), so such wording should be permissible when teaching English speakers its equivalent in Ukrainian.


Hmm, OK, maybe, really never heard "How much? - Four" without "dollars"...

"- How much is this? - Four dollars. - How much? - Four dollars."

"- How much is this? - Four dollars. - How many? - Four."

But well, I'm not a native speaker, so shutting up quickly :)


lol Well, you're right about the rules. There are, of course, cases (in every language) where native speakers regularly violate the formal rules of their language. :)


This has probably been explained somewhere else, but how does the sound of л compare with ль?


ль sound like l in spanish word El


It is softened, compare Spanish N and Ñ for example

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