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  5. "Knivene til kokkene"

"Knivene til kokkene"

Translation:The cooks' knives

May 24, 2015



Should cooks have an apostrophe? "The cooks' knives"


Yep, apostrophe is correct for the possessive plural.


"from" was one of the suggestions for "til." Does "the knives from the cooks" not work?


Be very wary of hints: A word like "til" has lots of meanings, and the hint system is designed to pick the best-matching hint given the sentence and context and put them at the top. Not all of the hints served are correct or make any sense. In this example only "of" would ideally be shown – the rest of the hints applies to the many other sentences where "til" is used in a different context.

Hints can be dangerous! And by the way: We are not in control of what hints are shown. "on" and "from" has to be in the list, because they are used elsewhere. I wish they could be hidden, but the system has its limitations.


It does sort of work... The Norwegian phrase is specifying 'the knives that belong to the cooks', so there are a few way you could express that in English, and your translation is certainly one of them, even though maybe not the most common for this context.


Could you also say "Kokkenes knivene"? Or is that just gibberish?...


Kokkenes kniver = the cooks' knives, which is fine. Kokkenes knivene = the cooks' the knives, so no, that one is just gibberish ;)


"The knives for the cooks" was accepted. But for me this is not the same as "The cooks' knives". Is it something we can distinguish only by the context?


Yes, the Norwegian phrase carries both meanings. You can rephrase it as "kokkenes kniver" to make it clear that we're dealing with possession, but it's not something that tends to cause confusion.


could this phrase be"knivene av kokkene"?


A direct translation doesn't work here; if you are to use a preposition, it needs to be "til".

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