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  5. "Where is my husband?"

"Where is my husband?"

Translation:Де мій чоловік?

May 24, 2015



This is the first sentence where it told me that using "и" instead of "i" is a typo.


It is a typo, because there isn't a determiner 'мий' in Ukrainian. However, this word exists and it's one of the forms of the verb 'мити' (to wash) ;)


Hmm I guess I should just go back to using the "i" but I have a weird problem. I'm using a Russian keyboard to type, so I just switch back to English for the i. Even my Russian keyboard is missing letters like ch...it's really frustrating.


That's really inconvenient. Correct me if I am misunderstanding, but aren't there the 'ч' letter on your Russian keyboard layout? It must be exactly where the 'x' letter on the English layout (on the standard Russian layout).


Well, on the traditional Russian keyboard layout there is, but not on the phonetic one I am using. I don't have kyboard stickers, so it's hard to use the traditional layout. But I use a combination of the phonetc and traditional keyboard and then french/english keyboard to get all of the "i"s. It's a lot of switching keyboards, but oh well.


Is there any possibility you could use maybe the onscreen keyboard (? I have no idea whether it actually switches language in Windows, or if you're even on Windows) or a browser extension that possibly displays the layout for you? (even though that does still get a little confusing occasionally as to where exactly things are) I'm doing Google Input Tools, for Chrome, which has the feature, though it does hide the continue/check button at 100% magnification.


When do you use "мій" and "моя"?


мій - masculine моя - feminine


I can't say муж?? :00


asking all the time


Муж - russian word, not ucranian

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