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Troubleshooting various tips and notes pages

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At the bottom of the page the text states:

"Pronoun “мені” here is a Dative form of a personal pronoun”я” (I). So, to tell and ask about age in Ukrainian follow the pattern:

Personal Pronoun in Dative Case + number + рік/роки/років."

However the corresponding table states as a column header: "Gen. Pers. Pron."

One or the other seems to be incorrect?

[Edit to add genitive ...]


One example sentence is not translated:

"Я не п'ю чай без лимону. - Я не п'ю чай без лимону."

[Edit to add places ...]


Small typo: "Lacative case is very simple.", the first word should be "Locative ". =)

[Edit 25th May, to add past tense ...]


Past tense is listed in the address bar as Past-2. Which makes no difference to learning, but I did wonder if I had gone through Past-1 without paying attention. =)

May 24, 2015

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You're right. And unless my slender grasp of Ukrainian has failed me (possible!) it should definitely say 'dative' in the column header.

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