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  5. "У вас є сім'я?"

"У вас є сім'я?"

Translation:Do you have a family?

May 24, 2015



Would you ask this to mean "Do you have a spouse and kids?"

Or would you use this sentence to morbidly ask if one's family is still alive? :P


I would say it's usually about a spouse and kids :)


I would think that the response would be more personally based. That is, I would understand the question within my own circumstances. So that if I were married then spouse and children; single then siblings and parents; if divorced then ..... well you get it.


What do you mean when you ask "Do you have a family?" in English?


In English I would use that to mean the former, but... Duolingo is known for it's odd sentences, so I just wanted to make sure, haha.


Yea, Duo asked me to translate "I have a girlfriend" and one of the multiple choice answers translated you "I have your girlfriend"... Duo likes to go full savage sometimes


Correct answer: No, I do not have a family.


Both (У вас є) і (у вас є?) seem to mean "do you have" and "I have" when speaking what is the difference?


"I have" -> У мене є.

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