"Home is there."

Translation:Дім там.

May 24, 2015

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I wrote "дід" on accident. I know that's dumb and it means grandfather not house but it was accepted. I'm glad it was but I don't think it should be when the spelling changes the word.

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    Is 'и' fully interchangeable with 'i' in Ukrainian?


    They are pronounced differently.


    Are you asking whether 'й' is interchangeable with 'i'? There isn't such a conjunction as 'и' in Ukrainian.

    Those conjunctions mean the same, however, 'й' is used after a vowel sound, and 'і' is used after a consonant sound. For example: Вона й він, але він і вона.

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      No, I mean the letter 'и' itself, not a conjunction - I use it instead of 'i' (кит, дим) and the system never marks it is an error or typo.


      In fact, these letters are not interchangeable outside Duolingo. The words 'кіт' and 'кит', 'дім' and 'дим' are completely different words (дім -- a house, дим -- smoke, кіт -- a cat, кит -- a whale)

      However, the letters 'і' and 'й' are almost always interchangeable at the beginning of a word.


      I'd love to know why I keep having to 'restore' the first 3 lessons with everything completed to level 5, but it never asks me to restore the more complex stuff. Does it really think I consistently forget how to say 'cat'?


      "Додому там" would also be a correct, right?


      "додому" means "home" and while a "house" is usually someone's home, a home is not necessarily a house. One's home could be an apartment or a trailer or a tent even. "A home is where the heart is."


      Well how do you pronounce дім....ayudarme!


      It's pronounced very similar to English "dim", only the "d" needs to be soft and the "i" sound is closer. But if you say it like English "dim", people will still perfectly understand you.


      Why can't it be там дім also? I thought usually words could go in different orders


      You are right, там дім would be also correct in this case. I believe the course team should add it as another correct option too.


      How do i type in Ukrainian alphabet?


      Depends what phone you use.

      I use a samsung so I just went to settings, and added a Ukranian keyboard


      If you use AnySoftKeyboard on Android, you can install language packs for most of the Duolingo languages. Gboard has them too.

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