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"What is the calendar of the season?"

Translation:Qual é o calendário da temporada?

September 27, 2013



I have no idea what this sentence means in English. It's a strangely worded sentence.


I would be interested to know why 'que e(accent) ....' is wrong


Whenever you have a limited number of options, you must use 'qual' (which) instead of 'o que' (what). For example, in English, you should technically say "Which is your favorite flavor?" In Portuguese, however, it is grammatically incorrect to not do this. You only use 'what' when there are an unlimited number of options like "What do you think of ice cream?"


They should ask us to translate which is the calendar of the season then, the swine!


thank you zallen 1868 for that very clear and helpful explanation, much appreciated


They always put these crappy translations near the end as well when you've run out of hearts. I suspect it's deliberate...


Why is "que e ..." is wrong ? Could someone please answer this?

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