"Just fine"

Translation:Bare bra

May 24, 2015

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I'm sorry for having a dirty mind, but this was too funny.


Haha, and does this course teach the word "bra" in clothing? It's 'en BH' in Norwegian, which is literally an acronym for Breast Holder! I still laugh... :)


I am wondering why Bare hyggelig doesn't work here? Previously in the lesson it translated that phrase as only nice, so I'm a bit confused.


"Hyggelig" is kind of a special word. When I was taking norwegian classes my teacher told me it had no actual translation to english. She told me "hyggelig" is a word used to describe something or someone that is beyond nice, lovely, wonderful, etc. It should only be used in certain situations and not in a regular basis. "Bra" (fine), on the other hand, is more common, I often hear my norwegian friends using it. "Bare bra" means "just fine", and it can be used in many situations, just like in english.

I never heard of "bare hyggelig" before until I was practicing for this lesson. And I don't think "only nice" would be the correct translation, but something more like "just lovely". I suppose "bare hyggelig" can be used in some situations.

-Jeg gjorde en kopp te for deg. | I made a cup of tea for you. -Bare hyggelig! | Just lovely!

I would not use "bare hyggelig" though, it sounds a bit odd. Also, I don't think none of my friends uses it either, I'd have to ask them.

Hope that is helpful.


Very helpful explanation! I hope they update the lesson to account for that as the use of bare hyggelig in a way that didn't make sense earlier confused the meaning of the term for me, especially the way it is generally used in context. Thanks for taking the time to clarify this for me!


No problem! I'm glad it was helpful. By the way, I asked some of my norwegian friends about the matter, it turns out "bare hyggelig" can actually be used as "you're welcome", though it's not very common. "Vær så god" is more frequently used.

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