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"Hayır, bu elmayı asla sana vermeyeceğim."

Translation:No, I will never give this apple to you.

May 24, 2015



... said Eve to Adam in an alternative Bible )))))


So, you said this is some kind of automatic voice but that she still pronounces things like future very well, right? So in spoken language "I won't give you" sounds actually like "vermeyicem" insted of "vermeyeceğim"?


yes! more like vermiyiceem


Very interesting! :) I am now more sensitive to this and start finding examples in real life. Like this "ispanyaya gidicem" - found even in written form.


yes, especially in online chatting/texting etc we usually just write gitcem, gelcem, bakcam etc :) I wonder when this will become the standard language


Oh, is this what's been done in this song's title https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9p5W__YEKE ?

I've been wondering what verb stem + ce could possibly mean for ages.


I tried to hear more about other persons but didn't have the chance yet. What do you say, is there anything comparable?


gitcem, gitcen, gitcek, gitcez, gitceksiniz, gitcekler :D


More like: giççem, giççen, giççek, giççez… :D


Wow. Sounds perfectly regular. Seems to be just a matter of time (and politics) until it becomes standard. :)


Vermek, vermemek, vermemecek, vermemeceğim. To give, not to give, he/she/it will not give, I will not give. We have to be careful with 'ce/ca'. Added to the end of a country makes it the language. Added to the end of a word would turn it into a profession. To hear it near the end of a word could indicate a change in the word (gel = come, gelecek = it will come, gelecekten = from it will come = future). Language relies solely on memory. Once we start to understand the spoken language, then we can appreciate how the Geordies and the scousers speak.


"Hayır, bu elmayı asla sana vermeyeceğim." Translation: No, I will never give this apple to you.


No, I will never give you this apple. Correct.

Thank you for the (lingots) & as you are all anonymous I'm very grateful to each & every one of you.

I think English - subject / verb / object - (Londoner)

My Turkish grammar knowledge & word order is improving.

Turkish word order - “Türkçe söz dizimi.”

Subject / time expression / place expression / object / verb.

Kind regards.


"Won't ever" should be accepted as well as "will never".

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