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  5. "Вона актриса."

"Вона актриса."

Translation:She is an actress.

May 24, 2015



Is there a measurable difference between актриса and акторка?


I would say that акторка is more common


Would would say that I agree, but that would make it sound like I know more than I do.

I agree. Then why is актриса used here?


No idea :)

But suffis "к" is commonly used to make a feminine noun: журналіст - журналістка, директор - директорка, програміст - програмістка, студент - студентка, актор - акторка. "ис" is not that common at all


So it works exactly like in Polish, right? If you want to make feminine name for job/profession you just add "-ка" ending? Also I think that I prefer more common version (it's the same in Polish, it's just written in Cyrillic).


Yes, the common rule is adding "-ка". It works when masculine name has endings like: " -ар, -нт, -ир, -ій, -іст, -тель, -ач" (лікар - лікарка, студент - студентка, пасажир - пасажирка, злодій - злодійка, піаніст - піаністка, вчитель - вчителька, збирач - збирачка etc).

But there are cases when another endings are used: "-иця, иня, -уха" (працівник - працівниця, продавець - продавчиня, шептун - шептуха etc.)

And also there are feminine name with loan endings "-еса, -іса, -іна" (стюард - стюардеса, директор - директриса (also you can use диркеторка), балерин - балерина).


Those two are readily interchangeable.


I always use 'акторка'. 'Актриса' sounds 'too anglicized'. (Even 'акторка' has been 'borrowed' from English.) I try to stay as close to the 'cleanest' Ukr. language as possible. (Sometimes it can be challenging, but I still try to 'keep it clean', meaning, using as many original Ukrainian words without 'borrowing' from other nations.)


I've also heard, (and have used) the word 'артистка' for 'actress'.
(Which literally means 'a female artist'. - She could be ANY KIND of 'artist' (used as a general term to describe an 'artistic occupation'), besides being an 'actress', she could be a 'painter', 'sculpter', 'designer', etc. (Any occupation in the 'artistic' field.)

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