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  5. "Майонез, будь ласка."

"Майонез, будь ласка."

Translation:Mayonnaise, please.

May 24, 2015



Is mayonnaise popular in Ukrainian cuisine?


I think it's fairly popular, maybe not in a traditional cuisine but mainly in salads from soviet era and such. Traditional cuisine primarily uses sour cream


Nowadays mayonnaise is a big deal xD Hardly any salad can be made without it. It's like a staple :)


There are so many various types of mayonnaise in Ukrainian supermarkets. It's rather incredible.


Versions with horseradish (хрін) are particularly popular.


Mayonnaise with horseradish really exists. But it does not particularly popular.


With horseradish? Really? I mean horseradish itself is in fact popular, but mayonnaise with horseradish? I am not sure I have ever seen that


Now you're making me doubt my memory. Perhaps it was ketchup with horseradish. But then again, I remember horseradish appearing everywhere.

Martha Stewart's "Ukrainian Mayonnaise" recipe includes horseradish, so maybe I'm not crazy. http://www.marthastewart.com/355907/ukrainian-mayonnaise


You can find horseradish in the packaging similar to mayonnaise one everywhere in stores: https://goo.gl/EyswBZ
But it is just grated horseradish with some spices.

Maybe some people do make such weird combinations, but I honestly never heard of that before :)


Mayonnaise is always mayonnaise :) Same in Russia: traditional dressings for salads are sour cream and oil, but mayo can be used with anything :))

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