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"Your brown eyes and your long hair"

Translation:Твої карі очі і твоє довге волосся

May 24, 2015



я думаю що немає "і" на українську.

(I just had to at least attempt to say that in Ukrainian...)

When the sentence was presented to me in Ukrainian, I think the і was missing, but it still expected me to translate it into English with "and".

(Sorry I didn't send a report, I thought the mistake was mine until it was given to me to translate into UK.)


"Твої карі очі і твоє довге волосся" - that's the sentence I see now. That's not the sentence you had in exercise?


When it gave me the English, the and/і was there, and was expected in the Ukrainian.

When it gave me the Ukrainian to translate to English, it said твої карі очі твоє довго волосся, but it wouldn't accept "your brown eyes your long hair" as a translation. The і was missing in the Ukrainian but it expected me to translate it with "and" - does that make sense now? If I see the UK>EN version again without the і I'll flag it.


I see, it happened to me also (with another sentence). I guess it's just beta's childhood diseases


Haha, yes, probably :)


Should be also as correct answer "Твої карі очі і довге волосся" As second "your" could be omitted in live speaking, because you actually specified a belonging, appertaining at the start of the sentence and your conversationalist will understand for sure. But, of course, there are many examples we could create (imagine) when second "твоє" (your) should be there. Like, when you have some conversationalists and make accent on hers eyes and hers /him (another one) hair. Or you, for example, emphasize smbody's virtues, beauty retell one by one. All depends from context.


How about "твої коричневі очі..."?

Just asking, correct me if I'm wrong. But are карі очі like very deep dark brown that it looks like they are black? while "коричневі" would mean just normal brown?


Карі & коричневі mean the same color, but "карі" always used for eyes color and almost never used for everything else.


Why is it sometimes і after очі and other times а? It makes no sense.

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