"It is very far away from the station."

Translation:O, istasyondan çok uzakta.

May 24, 2015

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Would using "uzak" without the "-ta" change the meaning?


I"m also confused about the 'ta'. Why is this necessary?


It's because, there are "Statement Suffixes" in Turkish. Here their explanation:

-a Yönelme Eki (Dative): We use it when something goes towards the other something or we use it to indicate that we're heading for something. This suffix can also be "-e"

E.g-> Ben ev-e giderim. (I go TO home.) E.g-> Televizyon-a bak! (Look AT the TV!)

-i İşaret Eki (Accusative): We use it to indicate the name. Its English equivalent is "The". This suffix can also be like these; -ı, -i, -u, -ü

E.g-> Kuş-u izliyorum. (I am watching THE bird.) E.g-> Kapı(y)-ı açtım. (I've opened THE door.) E.g-> Güller-i kesme.(Don't cut the roses) E.g-> Kedi süt-ü içer. (The cat drinks THE milk.)

-de Bulunma Eki (Availability): It indicates the location or object of the action. This suffix can also be like these; -de, -te, -da, -ta.

E.g-> Uçak-ta yolcu var. (There is passenger AT the plane.) E.g-> Masa-da kağıt var. (There is paper ON the table.) E.g-> Ev-de bebek var. (There is baby AT home.) E.g-> Sepet-te üç yumurta var. (There are three eggs IN the basket.)

-den Ayrılma Eki (Leaving): We use it for when something leaves somewhere or to indicate where we got something. This suffix can also be like these; -den, -ten, -dan, -tan.

E.g-> Manav-dan biraz elma aldım. (I've bought some apple FROM grocery.) E.g-> İş-ten geldi. (He/she came FROM work.) E.g-> Yaprak ağaç-tan düştü. (Leaf fell FROM the tree.) E.g-> Ev-den az önce çıktım. (I've just left home.)

I hope it helps :) If there are anything you're wondering, dont hesitate to ask ^-^



Merhaba Zeynep

Başka ögrenciler hiç memnun olmuyor.

Çok sevdim bu yazdiğin örnekler.

^ ^ ve bir lingot.

Çok teşekkür ederim.


how can you use far without implying location with it (-ta)? Can you give me an example sentence


Hi, do you mean like "O, istasyondan çok uzak.". If it's, you can use it as informal. But "uzakta" is grammatically the correct one. Hope it'd be help :)


Hello .-.- Zeynep.-.- Thank you SO much for the excellent explanation. NdG


I think there's another sentence in this exercise that seems to give the same meaning but in a different way. I think the English is "Turkey is far from Germany" which was translated as "Türkiye, Almanya'ya uzak", or something like that. But what was interesting was that the meaning of "far from" seemed to use both -den and -a. Could someone elaborate and the two expressions and their difference?


They mean the same thing. "-den uzak" is more commonly used.


I am still confused why we need the locative case on the adjective here...


Why not "bu" here


My comments have not been show ing lately, in comment box,Why?


it is a question in English but translation is not a question.


it is a question in English

No, it isn't.

Read it again, carefully.

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