"Jeg elsker Norge."

Translation:I love Norway.

May 24, 2015



Ja, vi elsker dette landet!

May 24, 2015


I took my family to Norway for Christmas was a life long dream since i was a kid.... It did not disappoint.. I LOVE NORWAY especially Tromsø

March 2, 2016


Most of my family is from Tromsø. Hands down the most beautiful place I've ever been. Though Slovær, Bodø, and Harstad are also rife with staggering beuaty. I miss it so very much. Can't wait to go back. Maybe next time I'll stick around for 2 years and get some family sponsorship for my dual citizenship! ;)

March 17, 2016


Norway doesn't currently allow dual citizenship unless you are under 18.

March 30, 2016


I've read an article not so long ago that they are going to consider dual citizenship now after Denmark's example and revise certain aspects of immigration policy in general.

March 30, 2016


That's why I wrote currently. They are considering it, but it's not law yet. Just rumours.

March 31, 2016


Hmm...... maybe you could share it on immersion so we can all relish in the blessing-curse of raised hopes :p

May 5, 2016


There's also one more loophole already existing -- if you acquire Norwegian citizenship, and you cannot afford to renounce US citizenship (now that they have upped the price of renunciation so high). You do have to prove it with the right income amount or lack, etc. Best of luck!

May 8, 2016


Ja jeg elsker norge og norsk tusen takk duolingo

April 22, 2016


+1 Especially the fishing there is just awesome! I could literally spend my summers there on a zero budget. Just eat fish, crustaceans and some healthy algae. All there for the picking when the tide is down. Well, the fish will usually cooperate if you just cast something in the water reminiscent of a lure.

February 27, 2016


I thought in Norwegian, you only capitalize the first word in a sentence.

So is it grammatically correct to say "Norge" in this sentence?

April 7, 2016


well, proper nouns/names are capitalized in all European langauges. So countries, cities, people first and last names, titles etc. will be capitalized in Norwegian.

April 7, 2016


Aha, thank you :)!

Just revisited the phrases section, and it had this line: "Norwegians do not capitalize adjectives, nationalities or languages, only countries."

My bad :p!

April 7, 2016


Why is Norge uppercase and norsk lowercase?

January 25, 2018

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Only proper nouns are capitalised in Norwegian. Countries fall into that category, but languages and demonyms are treated as regular nouns and adjectives.

January 25, 2018


Nei, VI elsker Norge.

May 18, 2019


me too

February 4, 2019


Well, it's a good country!!

March 1, 2019
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