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"Comfortable black shoes"

Translation:Зручні чорні туфлі

May 24, 2015



What is wrong with "комфортні"? This word is also commonly used.


When do you use 'туфлі' and when do you use 'взуття'? This tripped me up on an earlier question when I typed 'взуття'. Is this a more general term? Would it be incorrect to say 'взуття' here instead of 'туфлі'?


"туфлі" is a type of shoe which usually includes flats, heels, but not boots, sandals, trainers, flip-flops. "Взуття" is the general term meaning all footwear


I thought that черевики were boots, similar to чоботи... This threw me off when that was lumped given as the same answer with туфлі, which I know to be dress/professional shoes.


Черевики is something like half boots, ankle boots. Туфлі on the price tags are often called напівчеревики, diminutive "черевички" means ladies' shoes


Thank you! I never noticed that before.

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