I noticed that duolingo is very slow for me in the morning at around 9-10 am MEZ. Are there any updates run at that time? I believe the majority of duolingo users are US Americans, so they hardly crash the servers at this time since it's in the middle of the night for them. But for us not-so-few-either Europeans, it's morning, so if this lag is anything you can time, it would be great to move it to another spot.

September 27, 2013


here's something that i have encountered quite often... When I complete a lesson, it takes a long time to load and finally it goes to my home page without taking into consideration my finished lessons... I had to repeat a lesson three times last night... then hadn't to redo it on my handheld... doesn't happen with the app.. but with no option to view comments section, it is of little help when it comes to learning something new...

has this ever happened to you??

and i am from India

No, fortunetely this didn't happen to me yet. It just has a severe lag after every sentence I completed before I get a confirmation that it is correct and I can move on.

Usually these slow downs come after 0100 it may have something to do with traffic and server load.

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