"Me too"

Translation:Мені теж

May 24, 2015



can you also say я теж?


It highly depends on context.
"Я йду за покупками. А ви? - Я теж." (I am going shopping. And you? - Me too).
"Мені дуже подобається Стінг. А вам?"- Мені теж. (I like Sting very much. And you? - Me too)


Just for more discussion :)

"теж" replaces verbs, so answer on the question «can you also say» or not depends on grammatical agreement of the pronouns and the verbs:

For 1st person it will be:
Я (always with) йду за покупками.
Менi (always with) подобається Стінг.

Vinnfred, am I correct?


Well, it does not really replace the verb, the full sentence would be "Я теж іду за покупками" --> "Я теж іду" --> "Я теж". Just depends on how much you shorten it as in "I am going shopping too" --> "I am going too" --> "I am too" --> "Me too" :)


Yep, basically your answer depends on the original verb. Some require object pronoun, some subject. In English you use object pronoun in the answer (Me too) in any case, in Ukrainian agreement still needs to be done


я = I do this VERB / I run Мені = This VERB does to me / I am pleased by... Am in correct?


Мені is dative of я (I). So you use it with any verb that requires dative.

There are some common impersonal expressions that use dative: мені подобається (I like, sth is liked by me), мені приємно (I am pleased by sth), мені треба (I need, sth is needed by me), мені сумно (I am sad)


Мене is accusativ, isn't it?


Thanks for this discussion :)


Wait, isn’t it Стинґ?


i'd say yes based on the fact that i just got this question as a multiple choice and "я теж" was the only correct answer


I assume this could also be "Мене теж," if my name were Victor as well, right?


When transliterating instead of using the Ukrainian keyboard, what's the right transliteration for: "е" -- is it e or ye in the Latin alphabet? and "і" -- it is i or y?


I don't know how Duolingo actually works, but according to pronunciation and existing transliteration schemes it should be: e=e, i = i, и = Y.


But that scheme is about pronunciation, so you really shouldn't transliterate i as just "e" :)


One more clue. Duo accepted: "U vas ye sim'ya" for "do you have a family." So the right transliteration for "є" is "ye."


I like it: я = ya ; є = ye ; ю = yu ; ...ий = ...yy ї = yi


What about "Так i мені" as another alternative for "Me too" / "Мені теж"


It still seems to me that я теж means I too or I also, but мені теж means me too. Meaning is similar, but the differences in case cause the grammar of the sentence to change dramatically.

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