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"Den ansatte tilbyr seg å hjelpe kunden."

Translation:The employee is offering to help the customer.

May 24, 2015



Why is "den ansatte" translates as "the employee" and not "that employee"? Is it possible to also say "Ansatten"?


"ansatt" is an adjective/past parciple of "å ansette" (="to employ"), not a noun. Literally "den ansatte" means "the employed".

In most cases you would translate "den ansatte" as "the employee". In speech, if you stressed the word "den" "that" would be a better translation. In writing you would probably want to add a "der" to make the distinction: "Den ansatte der tilbyr seg å hjelpe kunden".

But I see your point and we probably should accept "that employee".


Thanks! That is helpful to know.


Since the verb is reflexive here, could another translation be "The employee volunteers to help the customer"?


I think "volunteers" suggests "unpaid" but since he/she is an employee, he/she is paid and thus not volunteering--unless there were a group of volunteers standing around and the question was WHICH employee would help. Splitting hairs, I know, and just my thoughts.

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