"Сіль тут, а мед там."

Translation:Salt is here and honey is there.

May 24, 2015

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Why is it incorrect to include an article? In English, it would be better to say 'The salt is here and the honey is there.' That was marked as incorrect.


It was marked as correct when I typed it, but leaving out the second 'is' was marked incorrect, which is a common usage in English.


"The salt is here, and the honey is there." is the correct English grammar. It sounds 'strange' without the article 'the'. It needs to be included in the sentence.


Why is "Salt here, and honey there" incorrect? How would you say that in Ukrainian?


You can't use "salt here, and honey there" because it's grammatically incorrect, even though people would understand nobody speaks or writes like that, just being realistic


I'd love an answer to this


Or "Salt is here and honey there?"


I translated "Сіль" "salt" and got it wrong. the answer said it should have been "salts" and yet the word was singular. Why was the answer I gave wrong? my answer: "salt here and honey there" and the correction by duolingo: "salts here and honey there."


Salt is correct. It looks like Duoligo's correction lacks apostrophe Salt's here.


Some people say(salt and honey)others say other things


I put "salt here and honey there" and it was marked wrong because the correct answer should be "salts" plural. That seems wrong and my answer should have been accepted???

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