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  5. "Він брюнет чи блондин?"

"Він брюнет чи блондин?"

Translation:Is he a brunette or a blonde?

May 24, 2015



The English here should be brunette, not brunet.


Brunette is for female and brunet is for male.


It would seem that the adjectives "dark-haired" or "brown-haired" are more commonly used for men or boys. Imagine a fortune teller saying "You will meet a tall, brunette stranger" instead of the usual "You will meet a tall, dark stranger"!


I've never heard "brunette" used of a man. It's a noun (not adjective) which describes a woman.

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Чому у цьому реченні тільки 1 артикль?


Тому що при перерахуванні іменників зі схожими значеннями достатньо одного артикля перед першим іменником, наступні артиклі можна опускати.

<pre>https://forum.wordreference.com/threads/can-several-nouns-share-one-article.1542128/ </pre>


Here is what Fowler says: "In Britain, brunette as adjective and noun applies to females. In the US, the French masculine form brunet is occasionally applied without distinction to both men and women, but there too the word is most commonly applied to a girl or a woman."

In real life you will never hear "brunet(te)" applied to a man in the US.


Fowler on blond(e): "A blonde is in principle ‘a woman with blonde hair’. A blonde person is ‘a fair-haired woman’. By contrast a tall blond person usually = ‘a tall blond (young) man’."

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